Dwarf Frangipanis

Dwarf and semi–dwarf frangipanis are becoming ever more popular in Australia, especially in urban areas of the country. House blocks are becoming smaller which means gardens are becoming smaller.  Therefore smaller compact frangipanis (Dwarfs) are very appealing to the home gardener and ideal for hedging, pot culture and topiary.
We currently have 4 true dwarfs and 2 semi-dwarf frangipanis available.   A dwarf frangipani generally grows up to 2 metres upon maturity, with semi – dwarfs slightly larger, depending on climate and weather variables.  In the more cooler areas of Australia however, dwarf frangipanis may become no larger than a medium shrub.

Dwarf frangipanis available  

  • Plumeria obtusa "Darwin Petit Pink"

  • Plumeria obtusa "Little Rainbow" 

  • Plumeria rubra "Cherry Clusters" 

  • Plumeria stenophylla "White Magic”


Semi-Dwarf frangipanis available

  • Plumeria pudica "Everlasting Love"

  • Plumeria pudica "Pink pudica"

stenophylla "White Magic"
pudica "Everlasting Love"
pink pudica
Darwin Petit Pink Dwarf
Little Rainbow Dwarf
Cherry Cluster Dwarf
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Little Rainbow Dwarf