Evergreen Frangipanis - P.obtusa

The opposite to deciduous is evergreen.  The Singapore White Frangipani is often called the “Evergreen Frangipani” however, it still possesses deciduous features in cooler climates.

Frangipanis are usually deciduous, using signals such as change in daily temperature and daylight each day. Frangipanis often go into dormancy to protect themselves against the winter cold, new growth ceases and the plant protects and preserves vital features until growth can resume in the springtime.

“Plumeria obtusa” varieties are the most popular evergreen frangipanis.

We currently have available three types:

  • P.obtusa Singapore White – popular because of its broader, glossy leaves and large yellow centred white flowers.

  • P.obtusa Darwin Petite Pink (also known as Singapore Pink) – dwarf variety with pale pink flowers.

  • P.obtusa Little Rainbow – Semi dwarf with petite tri coloured flowers.

In recent times, evergreen frangipanis including the ever popular Plumeria pudica “Everlasting Love” have arguably become the most fashionable plants in Queensland.

obtusa Singapore White
Singapore White obtusa
Singapore White obtusa
Singapore White obtusa
Dwarf Darwin Petit Pink
Dwarf Little Rainbow
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Dwarf Darwin Petit Pink