Plumeria pudica “Everlasting Love”

Fast becoming Queenslands most fashionable plant, the pudica are unique with elongated spoon-shaped leaves and large clusters of white flowers, blooms lasting much longer than common frangipanis. Also commonly known as the “Hammerhead” frangipani, or “Bridal Bouquet”.

Although small young plants may lose their leaves during cold winter months, more

established trees in the ground will keep their foliage green all year.

Like all Plumeria, good drainage is important, and a good feed of slow

release fertiliser during spring will only enhance the pudica and show

signs of rapid growth during the summer months.

Plumeria pudica thrives in a subtropical climate. Further south, it

requires protection from the cold, especially frost, where it is

advisable to be kept indoors during dormancy. Plumeria pudica is very

suited to growing in large pots or containers, and is one of the very few rust resistant frangipanis.

Due to its popularity, the plumeria pudica is our only variety

available in 6 sizes, i.e., 125mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 45 & 75 litre


Pink pudica

Also now available in Australia, only introduced the past few years  is
the Plumeria  pink pudica , a variegated leaved pudica commonly known as
“Golden Arrow” or “Gilded Spoon”, also a pink flowering hybrid produced
in Thailand, where it is  called Sri Supakorn or simply Pink pudica

Although slightly different shaped leaves than the white pudica, it is
very similar with very large clusters of pale pink flowers with a very
strong perfume.

pudica pots
potted 200mm pink pudica
pink pudica
pudica "Everlasting Love"
pudica "Everlasting Love"
pudica "Everlasting Love"
pudica "Everlasting Love"
potted 400mm pudica
potted 300mm pudica
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